Cellvizio® Minimally Invasive Optical Biopsy in Marion & Salem, KY

Cellvizio®, the Fastest Way to See Cancer, is an Optical Biopsy system that generates microscopic images of internal tissue instantaneously and in a minimally invasive manner. Cellvizio® allows physicians to take Optical Biopsies for the first time, viewing live tissue inside the body at the cellular level in real-time, while using their regular endoscopes.  This means a diagnosis can be made in a minimally invasive and instantaneous manner when compared to traditional “blind biopsy and histopathology” method and that physicians can make treatment decisions on the spot.

 Healthy Tissue Barrett’s Esophagus Cancer
 healthy-esophagus barretts-esophagus esophageal-cancer

Traditional biopsies involve removing tissue from patients and waiting days for the results,  Optical Biopsies are digital microscopic images generated during standard endoscopy procedures in real time. These images enable physicians to see suspicious and potentially cancerous tissue, determine whether the tissue is benign or malignant and, if necessary, treat the patient immediately. The Cellvizio® Optical Biopsy system, is a fundamentally new endoscopic imaging approach that allows Dr. William Barnes to make more informed and efficient treatment decisions for patients who may be suffering from gastrointestinal cancers and other GI diseases, including those of the esophagus, bile duct, pancreas and colon.  It is also use to characterize urinary and pulmonary lesions

Cellvisio Biopsy in Marion / Salem KY

Based on a technological challenge, the original idea for Cellvizio® may have seemed somewhat far-fetched but it is relatively simple: Transpose the technologies from astrophysics to medicine, combine them in a single device together with optical and endoscopic technology, using cutting edge computer processing. Its creators’ objective? Detect cancer as early as possible, with as few constraints as possible for the patient.

Physicians Using CellvizioEndoscopy allows the interior of organs to be seen, by inserting a mini-camera with macroscopic vision, held inside a tube containing a light source and a channel for accessories, into the body’s ducts and cavities. It is often used when taking biopsies for subsequent microscopic analysis (anatomical pathology). This examination is very commonly carried out at a hospital or in a specialized clinic, under local or general anesthesia depending on the organ or area of the body being examined. It is very often used to detect pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions.

Nonetheless, it does have some limitations for a precise and fast result: on the one hand, the endoscope is both very limited in its channels of access and its resolution; conversely, the microscope has very good resolution but can in no way be used on the patient and is therefore used exclusively ex vivo, on samples that have been taken; Since it is impossible to be able to “see” inside the organ and observe the cells in the mucous membrane examined, the biopsies are taken “blindly” and samples are taken randomly;  The ablation of all or part of the organ may be avoided, with a precise result.


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