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Dr. Barnes’ Reviews

5 Stars

12 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

I love my doctors Justin and barnes is amazing. They always do what they can to help me. The staff is always nice and works with me as well keep up the good work everyone
5 Stars

Very great Doctor with many years of experience. He did 2 miraculous surgeries for me that will allow my quality of life to be back where it should be. He is also very friendly with superb ethics. Thank You Dr. Barnes!!
5 Stars

Personable, considerate, knowledgeable, capable.
5 Stars

I was one who had dealt with a variety of symptoms --some that were passed off by other doctors who prescribed a pill as an easy fix. As soon as I spoke with Dr. Barnes, I knew I had come to the right place. In my case, I had an advanced paraesophageal hernia, and had the recommended surgery a few months ago. I felt pretty normal by the third week; however, I will continue to modify work activity for an entire year.
RE: post-op pain, I was surprised. There was very little pain in the abdomen, but a fairly persistent shoulder pain for the first seven days, which I was told to expect. I took pain meds just to sleep--unneeded otherwise. The diet wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, since the little meals were close together for the first two weeks. I was surprised how good a restricted diet could taste, since I made most of what I ate with whole foods. So far, I feel the surgery was worth the time and inconvenience, and I trust Dr. Barnes thoroughly. It's a tiny hospital, but his staff is trained and focused.

5 Stars

I have been very happy with the decision to go to Dr. Barnes. I have had reflux and heartburn my whole life. I was lucky my wife saw him on TV because he found a problem that I didn't even know I had. Thanks to him that problem has all but gone away and I am looking forward to my TIF. I have been telling everyone I know about the person he is as well as the great Doctor he is.
5 Stars

My 041918 TIF procedure was the best decision I've made concerning my overall health. Dr Barnes thank you! With five stars being the maximum rating, my results have been 10+. No more GERD, no more Nexium and it's accompanying OTC drugs for side effects. No more sinus/congestion issues and the accompanying OTC drugs to fight the symptoms of my GERD. When Gastroenterologist's had advised me the Nissen Procedure or Nexium you restored normalcy. Again, Dr. Barnes thank you!
5 Stars

Excellent! Very professional with a kind heart. Loves his work and gives it his all. I've recommended him to many of my friends and their results were excellent as well,,, I highly recommend him for all your medical needs!
5 Stars

We have never met a Dr with such compassion and love for his patients. He made us feel like we were apart of his family. He made an extra effort to come by several times a day and even night to check on Dad.
5 Stars

5 Stars

One of the most compassionate Drs. I have ever encountered. Very busy but never to busy to explain the situation.
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